Create Your Own Ads

How to Create an Affordable Commercial

Whether you’re promoting a service, product or yourself, you want to make sure you have a commercial or some type of promotional video to give people a quick introduction to your product. However, good commercials can be very expensive to...

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5 Most Common Grammar Mistakes

Five Most Common Grammatical Mistakes

Everyone knows a good story can sell, but what about its composition? It’s one thing to have a good story; however, if your grammar, punctuation and spelling fall short, you might not have the adequate tools to tell it or...

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Steps to Book Marketing

Are You Unknowingly Resisting Book Marketing?

  Many authors and others who have developed products and services realize they need marketing, but what some want is growth without change. For instance, this is an excerpt from a conversation with a new author about marketing his book after...

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Outling Your Plot

Outlining Your Plot: Three-Act Structure

Authors, it’s about time we faced the truth: there is a method to the madness of a starving artist. Structure does not hinder our creative freedom. It, in fact, challenges us to write smarter. Here’s a quick and easy template...

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5 Ways to Brand Yourself as an Author

With these 5 tips, you can (and should) start promoting yourself as an author even before your books hit the shelves. Then, once you have a concrete online presence and a solid idea of what your book represents, you can...

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