Wayne’s Ways to Market Your Book

Wayne Breitbarth, author

Remember, most every writer started out like you: with a great topic and/or talent. No one starts out as a winner. You have to work at it – strategically. With so many books, experts, and articles on ways to market your book, how can writers decide which one of the millions of tips will work for them? One quick, easy way is to ask another writer who has done what you’re trying to do: make a living from his or her book. So maybe you can’t get this now very popular author on the phone or via e-mail. You can get some answers to the most asked questions from author and “LinkedIn Guru” Wayne Breitbarth.

In just answering three questions, Wayne, author of “The Power Formula for LinkedIn,” shares his insight on how to successfully market your book, especially using his favorite business tool, Linkedin.

Which of the publisher’s marketing efforts has been most effective?

I would say what they did from a marketing effort was not at all effective.  What they did best was get my books into bookstores, airports and other retail outlets.

Beyond the publisher’s efforts, what are some strategies that have worked best for you in marketing your book?

I have been blessed with a hot topic and good timing with the IPO of LinkedIn.

Some of the things that seem to working for me are:

1.  LinkedIn (Groups, status updates, searching for radio show people for interviews)

2.  Twitter (At least one tweet a day about Linkedin, looking at followers of social media authors like me and following them.

3.  Ezine articles, Articlebase and Scribd (post articles that I write including a free chapter of the book)

4.  Amazon author page and Amazon Guides. If you sign up for Author Central you can then see your Book Scan numbers each Thursday and see where people are buying your book.

5.  Work hard at getting Amazon reviews these do move you up in the ranking.

6.  Weekly email newsletter is “golden” this is really the place where most of my buzz comes from.

7.  The following books were helpful

Also the author experts that I follow on Twitter and get good value out of the follow are:


What should authors spend much of their time doing to make their books successful?

It has been a waste of time doing the traditional book signings. I would spend all of my time scouting out and claiming the social media space and hitting it hard and consistently.  Facebook is really good and Twitter as well. LinkedIn groups would be good as well as a really good company profile and your personal profile loaded with the right keywords, websites, free chapter, power points etc. (All this info is in my book) and then you search for people that might want to hire you to speak.

Find out more about Wayne and his book at: http://www.powerformula.net

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