5 Marketing Tips for a 21st Century Writer


By now, most authors have heard of some of the most popular marketing methods, especially those outlined in John Kremer’s “1001 Ways to Market Your Book.” What they may be less familiar with, however, are the newest methods that require a bit more technical savvy. Those include:

1. e-Book Version:

As writers, we have a natural affinity for the beloved hard-back book.  We love to see words on paper and appreciate the instinctive turning of the pages of a book; however, in today’s tech-entrenched world, we must embrace and utilize the e-Book.  Creating an e-book version enables writers to market publications to a larger audience.  What is fantastic about the e-Book is that it can be downloaded instantly on iPads, iPods, Tablets, phones, Kindles, Nooks, and even the home computer! The 21st Century author cannot afford not to create an e-book version.

2. Book Trailers:

A book trailer is one of the newest ways to market books.  A book trailer is similar to a movie trailer.  It is a video preview of a book using images, which can be anything from a slide show with words and music to an actual mini-movie.  The key to a successful book trailer is to stir interest without giving away too much of the book’s content.  It’s an effective visual medium for the 21st Century audience who wants and expects visual depictions of most information

3. Podcasts:

A Podcast is audio broadcasting on the Internet, and it is an impressive and clever way to market your book. Podcasts allow authors to communicate with their audience through interviews, talk shows, and book readings.  Authors are able to connect with their readers in a more personal way, thus generating more positive publicity—in turn resulting in more book sales.

4. Blogging:

Writers who want to stay connected with their readers may want to launch a blog, which is a personal journal published on online. Companies like blogspot offer free blogs, so you would not have to pay for a URL or hosting. Finding time to write blog posts may present a challenge, so video blogging is a great option to cut down on time while reaping the same benefits. In addition to using a blog as a personal marketing tool, you should consider getting new books and manuscripts reviewed by bloggers with large followings.

5. Webinars:

A webinar is a seminar or presentation offered on the Web.  Like Podcasts and book trailers, webinars offer an innovative way to promote yourself and your book.  Authors can create webinars on a plethora of topics—from writing advice to managing a book business.  Any subject matter that lends credibility and expertise to an author’s image will stimulate interest and create a following.  It is a way for authors to do a service for their readers.  Your readers will thank you.

It’s time to take the dusty books off the shelves. Authors, don’t be afraid to embrace the 21st century—with these five different marketing tips, you can propel your book in the right direction. And there is good news for writers who are still intimidated by the weight of marketing their own book: they don’t have to do it alone. Allwrite offers affordable packages for authors who want to use any or all of these methods to promote their work. Contact sales for more information.

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