Editing: The Most Important Part of the Writing Process

Besides the cover or title, professional editing is probably the single most important aspect of book production. That said, our goal is to hire and train the best manuscript editors in the country. That’s why we started the Allwrite Editor Mastery program earlier this year. We test applicants to determine their ability and then train them for eight weeks. We provide a textbook, handouts, homework, and live weekly online sessions. In addition, the editors have ongoing training even after they finish the course.

One of our newest students said the editor mastery program has changed her life:


Another says she didn’t know that she didn’t know so much about editing:


Good editors know how to improve writing, not just identify mistakes. Thus, we seek the very best editors with specific qualities, which include:

  • Being suspicious, willing to check questionable facts or assertions
  • Being curious, wanting to learn or understand a writer’s ideas and subject matter
  • Being meticulous, paying attention to every word and its impact on the sentence, paragraph, chapter, and overall theme
  • Being a lover of reading, knowing a little about lots of subjects
  • Being a master of the English language, including grammar, syntax, etc.
  • Being instinctive enough to know when style or creativity is more appropriate than correctness

Beyond these characteristics, we’re willing to assist those who seek to become one of the best editors. For those anywhere in the country who are interested the editor mastery program, visit our website at: http://allwritepublishing.com/index.php?pg=editorial-service

We provide a free writing analysis to all authors so that we can match a writer’s weakness with a particular editor’s strength. To learn how you can get a writing analysis, contact us at editor@e-allwrite.com or call 678-691-9005

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