Do I Really Need a Book Trailer?

Book Trailers

Writers, like most artists, have a tendency to shy away from the actual promotion of their work. Nevertheless, they want to be the next J.K. Rowling, the author who scribbled her novels on napkin squares while getting her morning coffee and subsequently churned out the bestselling “Harry Potter” series. Most writers don’t think about getting their book out; they think about character development, plot structure, and how to craft that perfectly satisfying cliff-hanger ending. They want to quietly sneak their book up on a shelf and have a million readers flock to it simply because it’s that good. After all, good things come to those who work hard for it, and there’s no work more difficult than piecing together the next great American novel, right?

Unfortunately, new (and old) writers have a better chance at winning the lottery than they do becoming a silent success. This is the era of oversaturation, and the book market is constantly flooded with books from everywhere and anyone. We have parents publishing their children’s books just to keep them writing, e-book successes that model their novels off of television shows, and even fanfiction authors on the bestsellers list. Novels are all but coming out of the woodwork, and while it’s become easier for authors to get published, it’s subsequently become harder for authors to get noticed. It’s easy for a good, even great novel to get lost under the piles of new books coming out each day.

This is where book trailers come in. All authors, especially new authors, need to work extra hard to make their books stand out from the rest. There are various ways to coax new readers to your new book—social media is a great tool to keep in a new writer’s back pocket. But in the age of the so-called ADD generation, great book trailers are indispensable. They’re short, they’re to the point, and they’re eye-catching.

Youtube has become such a phenomenon, there are entire TV shows devoted solely to repeating captivating clips found on the site. With millions of eyes scouring Youtube daily, you are guaranteed to get people watching your eye-catching book trailer. The real trick is in creating a trailer that will whet the viewer’s appetites just enough to get them scrambling for the book.

Luckily, you don’t have to be the writer and the director. At Allwrite Publishing, we have a variety of short and long book trailer options to choose from, not to mention the talent to get your book trailer done in a professional manner. For more information, contact us at or call 678-691-9005.

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