Seven Keys to Successful Book Marketing

by Allwrite Publisher Atlanta

Publisher Atlanta: Here are the Seven Keys to Successful Book Marketing:


  1. A campaign of any kind, including advertising and PR, always begins with research. For instance, find out from the outset who would or should be your customers (readers). Are they primarily male or female? What is their age? Where do they live? Also, find out who is your competition. What titles have already been published that are similar to mine? How well did they sell?
  2. Focus on secondary demand for your book. Instead of telling customers why they should buy your book (primary demand), talk about how much better your book is than other books in the same genre or subject matter.
  3. Make accurate claims about the book’s entertainment or information value. It is legally acceptable to use exaggeration in an advertisement when the exaggeration is so extreme that no one will believe it. Exaggeration, though, should be no part of your promotional formula because word of mouth, namely reader reviews, will quickly dismantle any false or misleading claims.
  4. If you’re looking for the best book publisher list to find a company that can both produce and promote your book, use a company that has books similar to yours. For instance, if you’re doing a book publisher list search for “publisher Atlanta,” you will get companies that create autobiography, create biography, publish poetry, and publish fiction. The publisher Atlanta search is too broad, so try fiction publisher Atlanta, spiritual book publisher Atlanta, and so forth to match your book genre. The advantage of doing this is finding a company that already has contacts and some degree of experience and/or success with your type of book.
  5. Begin promoting your book before the book is even published. Many authors fail to take advantage of presales of their titles. This helps to generate revenue, as well as get the word out. The author should also try to get professional reviews that will be highlighted on all promotional material, including the book once it’s published. Thus, all you need is a well-designed book cover, well-written book description (synopsis), and hopefully some great reviews, and you can begin your pre-sales.
  6. Create at least a year-long promotions and publicity schedule. Establish a plan that begins before the book is published and continues well after its release. Each month should have a theme and a challenge, such as a “500 follower Twitter challenge.” Try as much as you can to quantify your goals. This will help you in establishing long-term promotional standards. If, for instance, you want to begin promotions in your home city of Atlanta, Georgia, make sure to quantify the number of other cities where you want to appear within a specific period.
  7. Make sure to include the Internet as a vital component of your book publicity plan. Social media marketing via Twitter and Facebook is useful and effective in attracting new customers. These followers can be fickle, so give them or post something regularly so they stay interested in whatever you have to say or are promoting.
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